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Meh....Post for last night.

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Okay so, I was supposed to go out last night with this guy I kinda really like BUT I had to babysit, and what more I had to watch racing stripes. erg So pissed off. So, that guy and I are going out tonight. We're going back to Kitchener to Tim Hortens then Bowling or some shit like that he really didn't specify what he wanted to do.

Anyways more bitching because my stupid law teacher decides to do Sexual Assualt and rape yesterday for a class topic. I was so glad that I got to leave at Noon or else I would have been freaking in class. I hate even thinking about things like that. HATE hATE HATE HATE HATE. I don't care how strong of a word it is. We had to read this stupid story to go with it as well to add salt to the wound. Figures stupid fucking teacher.

Don't mind the long post I needed to do a little bitching.

So, we went to my friends John's house and hes all sick so he didn't answer his door really quick so Jodi (friend of mine at school) started walking towards Aj's and john yells out the door. Come in. Jodi spills her coffee and I kinda giggled at that. It was weird though because if most times we skip class we always drink and yeterday we didn't but anyways that is my rant.
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